First, Confederate statues. Now, statues of founders. Next, Jesus. Their real target: America

To overthrow a free society from within, its citizenry must be brainwashed to reject its traditional principles, values, and institutions.  Acting in support of the century-long progressive dream of turning America into a socialist-communist nation, Marxists in our midst are systematically destroying treasured symbols of America's heritage.  A tiny slice of what's been happening:

● Vandals tear down statues of Union general Ulysses S. Grant, national anthem lyricist Francis Scott Key.

Watch: Statue of George Washington draped in burning American flag toppled by cheering protesters.

● Baltimore statue of Washington defaced with red paint, graffiti saying “Destroy Racists.”

● Museum of Natural History announces removal of statue of former U.S. president, Theodore Roosevelt.

● BLM rioters attempt to topple statue of former U.S. president, Andrew Jackson, located near White House.

● “I pledge allegiance to our Global Society”: Elementary school principal tried to replace Pledge of Allegiance.

● BLM activists place KKK hood over head of 100-year-old statue of George Washington, demand its removal.

Photo: Oregon rioters deface head of toppled Washington statue with red paint.

● “Not welcoming to some”: Leftist clergy at Virginia church where Washington prayed remove memorial plaque in his honor.

● Boston’s Democrat mayor considers removal of “racist” statue of Lincoln standing beside emancipated slave.

● Thousands cheer as protesters topple statue of Thomas Jefferson at Portland high school named after him.

● Leftist students, faculty “deeply offended” by statue of Jefferson displayed in Rotunda at UVA, the university he founded.

● Students at Hofstra University demand removal of Jefferson statue.

● San Francisco school board votes to conceal mural depicting life of George Washington at high school bearing his name.

● “Triggering, harmful, harassing”: SMU’s leftist administration moves 9/11 memorial flag display to remote area of campus.

● Leftist vandals deface Tomb of the Unknown Soldier of the American Revolution.

The incidents above are but the tip of the iceberg — a multitude of other attempts to wipe out symbols of America's heritage are proceeding unabated.  Our country's most prominent Democrats have given a wink and a nod at what's being done to discredit America by smearing it as an incurably racist nation.  Besides hating their country and everything it stands for, the masterminds behind these efforts have two other things in common: they all are revolutionary Marxists, and they all vote Democrat.  I do not say that as a partisan swipe.  I say it because it is true.

Next up: Overwhelming America's predominant religion

"Cultural Marxism" is the gradual process of grinding down Western democracies by subverting the pillars of their culture, the structures and institutions of family, religion, education, politics, law, the arts, and the media as they provide the social cohesion necessary to a functioning society.  Challenge the legitimacy of these institutions, and a capitalist society can be overthrown from within in a way that goes largely unnoticed until it's too late.  Twentieth-century Italian communist Antonio Gramsci is widely considered the father of Cultural Marxism.

Known as Obama's ideological mentor, Gramsci summarized his stratagem for dismantling Christianity in western nations in this quote:

Socialism is precisely the religion that must overwhelm Christianity.  Socialism will triumph by first capturing the culture via infiltration of schools, universities, churches and the media by transforming the consciousness of society.

Gramsci referred to his stratagem as "the long march through the institutions" — i.e., infiltrating a society's cultural institutions and gradually supplanting the traditional values and principles of those institutions with communist doctrine.  Operating via stealth and deception, Gramsci's under-the-radar disciples in this country have diligently labored to grind down every cultural institution in America, including its predominant religion.

The left's attack on Christianity recently took an ominous leap forward in a tweet by militant Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King, who called for taking down symbols of "white Jesus and his European mother":

In a related tweet, King referred to Christian churches as "a form of white supremacy" and urged his BLM followers to "tear them down."

Shaun King is no bit player in Black Lives Matter — his Twitter account has a million followers.  What this communist revolutionary really means is that Christian churches must be taken down by forceas is happening to statues of Washington and Jefferson.  That would never happen, you say?  People who think that also never thought they would live to see statues of the Founders toppled by mobs of American Marxists who loathe their country.

Another attack on Christian heritage occurred on June 20, when Marxist revolutionaries toppled an 18th century statue of a Franciscan priest who founded Catholic missions in California, to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with native people.

Their end game: Turning America into a communist nation

Five days before he was first elected, Barack Obama vowed to "fundamentally transform the United States of America."  See the 10-sec. video of that chilling vow here.  America always needs improving.  No one disagrees with that.  But is it such a sorry place that it must be fundamentally transformed?  According to Obama, yes.

To fundamentally transform a nation means to bring about profound changes to its principles, values and institutions.  In the case of America, that means upending its two-party constitutional system in favor of single-party socialist rule, the unmistakable goal of the modern Democratic Party and its most revered leader, Barack Hussein Obama.  My article "Barack Obama: A Traitor for the Ages" cites overwhelming and indisputable evidence that Obama has been influenced his entire life by a long trail of hardened communist revolutionaries with deep contempt for this country and its capitalist system. 

In the best-selling book, "The Naked Communist," former FBI Special Agent W. Cleon Skousen listed 45 communist goals for overthrowing America from within.  Goal 15 calls for communist warriors to infiltrate and take control of at least one of America's major political parties.  With the patriotic party of JFK having quietly morphed itself into the party of Marx, Gramsci and Obama, Goal 15 has clearly been accomplished.

The 2020 elections will determine whether America falls from within to the party that betrayed its oath to protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic.  To increase that party's chances in November, the ongoing race riots and on-going destruction of statues and other symbols of America's heritage are being actively incited by the Marxists in our midst.  In a little over four months, the kind of country in which your children and grandchildren live out the rest of their existence will be determined.  The choice on November 3 is stark: Liberty vs. Tyranny.

Image credit: WCCO4 Minneapolis, screen shot via shareable YouTube.

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