Erasing the Thin Blue Line

Why are protesters called peaceful while they scream obscenities and degrading, demeaning insults at law enforcement officers?  Scenes of taunting and profanity-laced vitriol targeted at police is becoming the norm.  The left cloaks itself in the virtues of anti–hate speech, but only when it is advantageous to their agenda.  Hate is fashionable for the defund-the-police anarchists and is conveniently weaponized into tactics of fear and destruction.  George Orwell's novel 1984 embedded a dystopian society with the Two Minutes Hate, a daily ritual the public was required to partake in.  A frenzy of crowd rage is incited, focused at enemies fabricated by those in control of society.  In the novel, this hate-filled bandwagon is pervasive and designed to drive attention away from the subversive tactics of the controllers, all while projecting protector status upon them.

There is an insidious attempt to control what we can say, and not say, by the radical left's movement to transform and even destroy America.  Hate is their tool and targets are needed.  The extremists seek protector status by defiling our law enforcement and desecrating America's history.  The consequences are unfolding, which go far beyond the loss of law enforcement moral and their ability to assist in hotspots.  Rank-and-file officers and agents are being warned of harassment, stalking, threats, and physical attacks by emboldened anti-police activists, criminals, and gangs, while on and off duty.  Officers and agents are being advised to make safety for themselves and their families a vital priority.  This includes taking alternative routes home, removing social media information that identifies themselves as members of law enforcement, and expecting prosecution for any use of force regardless of authorized procedures and directives.

Prosecutors are now out to prosecute police officers instead of criminals.  Elected leaders and our institutions are capitulating to the mob and erasing the Thin Blue Line at the expense of our safety, individual rights, and our country.  We need to speak up to protect the protectors.

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