The American left does not recognize America's government

Thanks to the useful death of St. George Floyd of the Church of Black Lives Matter, the execrable Ben Crump has found the best way ever to leverage his profile and his bank account.  Crump attaches himself like a leech to high-profile black deaths and will use any means necessary to push a narrative.  His latest push is to use Floyd's family as a means to attack American sovereignty by appealing to the U.N. to police America's police. Crump's made a career out of representing the families of black men who died during interactions with the police or who otherwise had politically useful deaths.  Considering how few unarmed blacks die at police hands (especially since Trump became president), Crump probably has to leverage cases to make a profit.  (There's profit to be had with the Floyd family, who are now the beneficiaries of a $13.8-million GoFundMe campaign.)  That lust for fame and money may...(Read Full Post)
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