There's a cancer amongst the pensioners of the Pentagon

Colin Powell, who hasn't voted for a Republican in the last 16 years, excited the mainstream media when he announced that he was again going to vote for a Democrat.  Powell is a joke, and probably a high-level leaker, so he deserves to be ignored.  However, he represents something more serious, which is retired admirals and generals using the goodwill they earned serving in the military in service to the Deep State.

Whatever respect I had for Powell died when I learned that he was one of the loudest voices telling Bush Sr. to pull out of the First Gulf War, allowing Saddam Hussein to stay in power and therefore contributing indirectly to the Iraq War.  I've also long suspected that he was the main source for Bob Woodward's nasty Plan of Attack, which painted Bush as a dummy and Powell as a prescient saint.

The problem, though, isn't Powell, who's yesterday's news.  It's the long list of retired military officers attacking Trump, most of whom escaped Obama's firing of almost 200 military officers

Those firings had the smell of a purge about them, especially considering Obama's vision for the U.S. military.  His practical, strategic, and tactical demands on the military (e.g., draw-downs, aiding America's enemies, unduly restrictive rules of engagement) and his extensive efforts to turn our military into a social justice experiment (e.g., women in combat, so-called transgenders in the military, etc.), hinted that his decisions about officers were not primarily aimed at ensuring that our military was the best, most honorable fighting machine in the world.  Obama had other goals in mind.

The most touted anti-Trump statement came from William H. McRaven, the admiral (now retired), who oversaw the Osama bin Laden mission.  It was under McRaven that Osama bin Laden, the mastermind behind 9/11, got a private, respectful burial at sea, one that ensured "that bin Laden's body was be handled in accordance with Muslim traditions[.]"  How nice.

McRaven took to the pages of the New York Times last October to launch a fiery attack against Trump for announcing that he was going to pull U.S. troops out of Syria.  To McRaven, that made Trump such a disastrous president that he should be removed — "the sooner, the better."  Language like that has the smell of a military coup about it.  Oh, and Trump did pull out those U.S. troops, saving lives.  He also ordered a hit on Qassem Soleimani, saving more lives. 

General Barry McCaffrey (ret.), a Clinton White House holdover, is also an anti-Trump hysteric.  When Trump announced that he didn't want to have the federal government (and American taxpayers) pay for the New York Times and Washington Post, McCaffrey called it a "watershed moment in national history," and said Trump was Mussolini:

Can you imagine being led into battle by a man so easily given to hysterical exaggeration?

To understand the nonsense from the next Deep State military official, a little context is necessary.  Last year, Trump ordered special forces to kill Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, whom Obama had released from Camp Bucca in 2009.  Baghdadi, an ISIS leader, was responsible for tens of thousands of deaths and was a sexual sadist, among other things.  Trump, understanding that Arabs are a shame-based culture, made sure the world knew that Baghdadi was not a hero or a martyr at the end, but was a miserable coward, whining and crying, frightened of a dog, and hiding behind a child.

Obama's Joint Chiefs vice chair, Admiral James Winnefeld (ret.), was appalled that Trump treated a sadistic mass murderer with so little respect.  According to Winnefeld, Trump should have shown that human piece of trash the "respect that is due under Islam."  (Now do you know why Winnefeld and Obama got along?)

And of course, there's James Mattis, who got the treatment he deserved from Marine captain John M. Dowd (ret.).

Democrats are undoubtedly planning on using all these NeverTrump Democrats to support Biden.  The media will troop these retired officers out in their snazzy uniforms and make much of their service.  When they do so, it's up to you to remember who these men are and what they value.

We can honor them for their service, but we need to recognize that this does not make them intelligent or even decent men.  Just think of John McCain, an arrogant military officer; an incredibly brave POW; and a vicious, petty, disloyal RINO politician.