On George Floyd: There is NOTHING to protest

With the mayhem following the last Monday death of arrestee George Floyd, many have pointed out that protesting is fine, but rioting is not.  While obviously true, something equally so is left unsaid: There is nothing to protest. It's not as with the murder of Justine Damond, where it took eight months to arrest the trigger-pulling Minneapolis police officer, Mohamed Noor. It's not as with the killing of Virginian John Geer, where it took 18 months to arrest the cop who killed him and later pleaded down to involuntary manslaughter, Adam Torres. Of course, Damond and Geer were both white.  So not only were there no protests, riots, looting, or burning, but the incidents weren't even covered nationally.  Nothing to see here — move along. In contrast, it took mere days for the officer in the Floyd case, Derek Chauvin, to be fired, arrested, and charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter, and the...(Read Full Post)
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