Leftists more at war with regular Americans than with looters and arsonists

1. Last week, Hillary Clinton labeled the peaceful protesters in state capitals wanting their businesses to reopen as "domestic terrorists."  Yet, for the last four days, she has not labeled as terrorists those who are looting, rioting, destroying property, attacking police officers, and committing arson in our cities.  I guess "terrorism" is in the eye of the beholder: regular citizens are, for Clinton et al.,  terrorists when demanding constitutional rights, whereas left-wing anarchists are upstanding citizens if anti-Trump.  Protesting on behalf of worshiping in church is something "deplorables" do; blaming America is something "sophisticated" people do.  Hillary and friends have a different, and rather sick, value system.

Minneapolis Police Third Precinct on fire.

2. The mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, is more concerned about police overacting against rioters than the destruction and looting rioters are causing in Brooklyn and Manhattan.  Minneapolis mayor Jacob Frey is so immersed in feelings of guilt and kinship for protesters that he is neglecting his duty to the citizens of his city as mayor, standing by while it is destroyed.  Liberal mayors of many major cities are not doing their job to protect citizens because deep down, they must empathize or identify with the rioters.  It is the typical liberal mindset that places more concern for criminals and violent revolutionaries than for law-abiding, innocent citizens.

3.These are no longer protesters, but rioters who simply want to loot, burn, and destroy and have found an excuse to do so.  The lust for destruction is a demon that must be vanquished as opposed to supported in the name of "social justice."

4. Antifa and other left-wing organizations are highly involved in the burning down of America we are witnessing.  Antifa is a perpetual underground strike force ready to pounce the minute there is a "social justice" problem in an American city.  These are Marxist Brown Shirts funded by ideologues who wish to overthrow America and replace it with them at the helm.  They want to take away our liberties and our economic well-being.  They hate America and its people.  They are the real fascists, prodded by the media and Democrat politicians who give them a pass in the name of "social justice."

5. The rioters are destroying America's historic buildings and statues as a way to destroy American history and brainwash Americans into being ashamed of our past, thereby replacing our system of governance with a socialist/Marxist authority.  

6. A synagogue in Los Angeles has been torched, indicating that among the leftist groups, there may well be Middle East terrorist sympathizers.  Some reports claim that groups from Pakistan and Afghanistan are engineering some of the riots.

7. The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) is wrong when it says racism is systemic to America and its institutions.  That is a purposeful falsehood promoted by the ADL to brainwash Americans into believing that our country is not good and must acquiesce, in perpetual repentance, to the left-wing agenda of the intersectional grievance-mongers.  The truth is, America was horrified by what was done to George Floyd.  The president immediately brought in the FBI.  Attorney General Barr quickly announced a federal civil rights probe into George Floyd's death.  The justice system arrested the policeman and has charged him.

The American people are not institutionally and systemically racist.  There are individuals who are, but not the country as a whole.  It is the ADL that is expressing bigotry against the good citizens of this country by claiming that our country is systemically racist.  The ADL is now run by hard-left ideologues.

The vast majority of the American people were initially supportive of the original protesters and understood their anger.  This outpouring from Americans contravenes the ADL's irresponsible claim that America is a racist country.  Only now that the protests have become destructive riots have people become disenchanted by what they are seeing.

8. The mayors of Washington, D.C. and Chicago, who publicly used despicable foul language and cursed the president, are very bad role models.  They, like many other left-wing office-holders, are absolving themselves of the duties they are neglecting by calling the president ugly names.  They have lowered the level of discourse and bring shame on their offices.  Some think they are cool because they can use the F-word.  Still teenagers!

9. Many mayors and governors who for the last two months flexed their authoritarian muscles by threatening innocent shop-owners with imprisonment for wishing to make a living are now engaging in acts of cowardice and betrayal, allowing those who are destroying private property to go unpunished and un-threatened and, at times, even supporting the lawbreakers.  The foolish, guilt-ridden mayor of Minneapolis has even offered them coronavirus masks for protection while they rampage through the city's streets.  Funny how he doesn't offer protection to the citizens he is supposed to safeguard. 

10. The daughter of Ilhan Omar and the daughter of the Governor of Minnesota, and the son of its attorney general, tweet offers of help to the rioters.  Many of the rioters are themselves middle-class and white, youngsters of great privilege.  Who has poisoned these young people to so hate their country and the freedoms we all share?  Who has poisoned them to want to overthrow America?

Photo credit: YouTube screen grab.