How do we explain the many thousands of Americans who believe they are entitled to steal?

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For days now, since the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Americans have seen riots take over many of our big cities.  Countless properties have been vandalized and businesses have been looted and torched — damage that only hurt the neighborhoods of the rioters.  But the most disturbing revelation of these clearly organized riots throughout the country has been seeing the thousands of people in all the affected cities who feel they have a right to steal that which does not belong to them.  Night after night, we have watched thieving thugs break windows of small and large businesses, charge into them, and run out with as much merchandise as they can carry.  They stuff their booty into large SUVs, many of which have the license plates removed.  They are wearing masks so do not fear facial recognition software.

These riots seem to prove that, despite our protestations to the contrary, we do live in something of a third-world nation.  When that many people in as many cities that are under siege right now feel no allegiance to the law, to their families, to their neighbors, to civil society, we are indeed a nation in need of a reboot.  Fifty-plus years of the left's smearing of American values, their opposition to the nuclear family, the promotion of the idea that out-of-wedlock births are just another lifestyle choice have, as we see now, made for a population sullied by the acceptance of abject criminality.  That is what we are all seeing on our TV screens.  This is not about race; it is all about respect or the lack of it and values. 

When the young people we saw gleefully run from breached businesses with their hands full of stolen goods, do they take them home to their parents?  Are those parents horrified by their children's stealing, or do they congratulate them?  How is it that these thousands of Americans are so comfortable taking what is not theirs?  Do they go home and brag that they set some building on fire or that they torched a police car?  It is very likely that they are proud of themselves.  The media certainly support them, seem to give them permission.

Why do the media do this, support the rioters?  Ratings, of course.  They love riots, cherish their power to get them going.  They love filming the looting without any police presence to stop it.  Do they care about the lives of the business-owners that are destroyed in the process?  Not one bit.  There is not an anchor or guest "analyst" on CNN or MSNBC who feels an iota of compassion for the victim of the destruction wrought by these riots.  To a person, they lend their on-screen approval to the rioters.  They decry their own "undeserved white privilege" and speak endlessly about "400 years of slavery."  It's all nonsense.  It is the American media that do more harm to so many of our people than any other American institution.  They are — CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, and ABC — truly evil.  Of that there can no longer be any doubt.  As a collective, they are happy to sacrifice people and property if their fanning the flames of perceived injustice gets ratings.

What is occurring all over the country has nothing to do with the murder of George Floyd.  His death has been all but forgotten.  The thugs who have destroyed the property of others, stolen goods that do not belong to them, have no respect for George Floyd.  What they have done in his name is despicable.  Will he be remembered for the abuse of power he suffered at the hands of a bad cop?  No, he will be remembered for the destruction of major cities across the nation by criminal thieves and vandals in his name, all of whom belong in prison but most of whom walked away unscathed by a thorough lack of justice.  What we are seeing is the legacy of leftism, the progressive contempt for personal responsibility, for capitalism and for our constitutional democracy.  It is precisely this kind of lawlessness that got Trump elected.  As many thousands of these thugs as there are, there are millions more Americans who love the law and our civil society, who are shocked by the craven lawlessness they are seeing.  They will re-elect President Trump for all the right reasons — to make America America again! 

All of the tragic chaos and destruction we have all seen over the past week is the product of the left and its relentless fomenting of anger among any and all minorities.  It is in the left's interest to inculcate fear and fury; that is what higher ed has been doing for decades.  No matter how blessed or privileged those minorities may be as citizens of the U.S., they have been taught to feel victimized.  Millionaires like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan, and most of the Democrat African-American members of Congress promulgate victimization on a daily basis.  It's what they do; it's how they get elected and re-elected. They infuse their constituents with a sense of victimization and so we get the wholesale looting we've seen this week. But as we've also seen, the looters were certainly not all minorities; their supposed victimization has been hijacked by all manner of ne'er do wells. The looters have learned that they are entitled to steal what is not theirs, what they did not work for or pay for. These riots are a sad commentary on what the progressives have wrought upon this great nation. "I decry the injustice of my wounds, only to look down and see that I am holding a smoking gun in one hand and a fistful of ammunition in the other." —Craig D. Lounsbrough

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