Obama holdouts finally dislodged at Voice of America

After probably the longest battle the Trump administration has fought to dislodge deep state operatives, the miracle has finally happened: Obama holdouts Amanda Bennett, currently the director of Voice of America, and Sandy Sugawara, her deputy, are finally out at the agency. The two Obama political appointees managed to hold on to their posts in an unprecedented squatter's stayover, something that should have never happened. Even Ben Rhodes left his national security sinecure when President Trump took office and his time was up. But not this pair. They had a lot more people covering for them, and as a result, the Voice of America became an anti-Trump propaganda organ, run by Obamatons. The clues as to why they were able to stay so long might just be found in the amazingly slanted media coverage of their exit, coming from the mainstream press. Get a load of this one from longtime Washington Post fixture Paul Farhi, emphasis mine: The top...(Read Full Post)
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