Schadenfreude overload: Progressive, BLM-supporting mayor of Olympia, WA calls riots 'domestic terrorism' after her home is vandalized

Mayor Cheryl Selby of Olympia, Washington just got her consciousness raised.  Her hometown newspaper, The Olympian, reported last Friday:

On Friday night, two groups converged in downtown Olympia, and some became destructive, burning flags, smashing windows, and spray painting businesses and Olympia Mayor Cheryl Selby's home.

Selby and her family were not home last night, but her neighbors began texting her when the protesters arrived at her house.

"I'm really trying to process this," she told The Olympian over the phone Saturday. "It's like domestic terrorism. It's unfair.

"It hurts when you're giving so much to your community," she said[.]

Mayor Selby was previously vandalized and installed a security camera, so we have video of the miscreant via KING TV in Seattle:

KING TV screen grab (cropped).

Rioters never stop to check the politics of the owners of buildings that they trash.  The gay rainbow banner bought her no immunity.  But many liberals somehow seem to think they are exempt from the chaos they unleash by offering their support to violent radicals.

The owners of businesses looted and burned have suffered a lot more than she did, annoying though it is to be spray-painted.  Many have had their life savings and life's work destroyed, though guilty of nothing.  Irving Kristol famously quipped that a neo-conservative is "a liberal who has been mugged by reality."  Mayor Selby probably needs a lot more consciousness-raising before she becomes a conservative of any sort.  But maybe her support for BLM rioters is a bit less florid today?

Or maybe not.  Watch KING-TV's interview:

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