A retired physician's take on epidemiologists

I am a retired physician.  Over my career, I've had some contact with epidemiology.  I'll be blunt here: I came away unimpressed with that field.  Here's why: 1. When a pandemic strikes, I've never once witnessed an epidemiologist get his hands dirty in providing actual patient care.  So where the rubber meets the road during a pandemic, they're useless. 2. Their models, and therefore their advice and counsel, are based upon best guesses from previous pandemics.  It's been pretty clear during COVID-19 that in any number of cases, their accuracy has been less than impressive. 3. Typically, the confidence ranges of their models are wide enough that you could drive a Mack truck through them.  Then, when actual outcomes fall somewhere within those massive ranges, they pat themselves on the back as though they've really accomplished something.  I honestly think you or I could come up...(Read Full Post)
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