Democrats create a workaround to advance voter fraud

Despite what the media tell people, outside large urban areas, leftist political ideology isn't very popular in America, and that's true despite decades of leftism in education, news, and entertainment.  Leftists, however, have developed a way to circumvent the fact that stubborn Americans will not vote for Marxist policies or politicians: they use judges to advance their agenda.  That's why, as we saw with the Brett Kavanaugh nomination, leftists will do anything to get their people on the Supreme Court and to keep conservative judges off the Court.

What works best for leftists is to have state attorneys and judges willingly work with them to overthrow the will of the people, the written law, or the Constitution.  In Minnesota, leftists are using this tactic to force mail-in only voting on the state.  Mail-in voting is an invitation to uncontrolled voting fraud, something that mostly favors Democrats.  After all, the Democrats' idea of a good election is to walk through the streets calling, "Bring out your dead!"

Writing at Power Line, John Hinderaker describes how the con works:

One of the most pernicious phenomena of modern times is the collusive lawsuit. This is how it works: a left-wing organization sues a government agency that is also controlled by the left. The lawsuit alleges that the agency is obliged to do something that the agency would like to do, but the Democrats can't get it passed. Then the parties — supposedly adverse, but actually in collusion — "settle" the case by having the agency agree to do what it wanted to do all along. If all goes well, a court enters an order enforcing the settlement. So the net effect is that a policy that the Democrats couldn't get passed is now a court-ordered mandate. This happens often.

That con is happening now in Minnesota:

The case is League of Women Voters v. Simon. The League of Women Voters, a solidly Democratic organization, is "suing" Minnesota's Secretary of State, left-wing activist Steve Simon. The lawsuit seeks to suspend Minnesota's election laws, ostensibly on account of COVID-19, so that persons mailing in absentee ballots won't need to satisfy the statutory requirement of a witness to verify their identity. Without that requirement, voter fraud will be even easier than it is at present. If a Democrat finds a ballot lying around, as will happen many thousands of times in Minnesota, where the voter rolls include hundreds of thousands of names that are dead or otherwise not eligible voters, he can fill it out and send it in, no questions asked.

Democratic Secretary of State Steve Simon, who consistently abuses his office to facilitate voter fraud, quickly agreed to the "settlement" that his party wanted.

The good news is that the Trump campaign and the local Minnesota Republican Party are actively fighting the tactic.  Their fight is only going to be as effective as the federal courts in Minnesota allow it to be.  As we've seen with the hard-left Ninth Circuit and the Roberts-controlled Supreme Court, activist judges believe that the black robes they wear give them a magical conduit to a purer form of "truth" that is always Marxist.

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