Democrats and fellow leftists are snatching defeat from the jaws of victory

Much as Democrats would like to deny it, the reality is that Americans were unanimous in condemning how George Floyd died at police hands in a Democrat-run city.  Even after learning that Floyd was a career criminal hopped up on drugs when he met his death, Americans were willing to accept the Democrats' (and their fellow leftists') demands for police reform.  Had Democrats stopped there, they could have achieved yet another incremental leftward push for their political agenda, a victory they could have put toward their next moment of political theater.

The problem is that Democrats have trained their army of college grads, minorities, and other victim groups to view words as violence, to hate America's institutions, and to believe that hysteria is persuasive.  Once you unleash these emotionally unstable and factually ignorant foot soldiers on the world, they are unstoppable, even if it's in the best interests of their cause that they stop.

The looting was bad enough, but Americans were still on board with the fundamental (although factually false) notion that police are disproportionately attacking blacks.  Now, though, Americans have witnessed CHAZ (or CHOP), which began by building walls, demanding "citizen" identification, instituting segregation, assaulting Christians, and appointing warlords, and then quickly devolved into gunfights, murder, and rape.

None of those is a sympathetic position.  It's a long journey from "fix the police" to "we're setting up a violent, walled, racist, Marxist paradise."  Things have gotten so bad that Seattle's Mayor Jenny Durkan, who imagined a Summer of Love and chastised President Trump for suggesting otherwise, has finally conceded that the CHOP (or CHAZ) experiment needs to end.

Meanwhile, in Lafayette Square across from the White House, CHAZ's ideological cohorts tried to establish a "Black House Autonomous Zone" (or BHAZ).  Perhaps because President Trump blocked protesters from burning St. John's Church to the ground, BHAZ's wannabe citizens immediately vandalized the historic church:

Most Americans are not sympathetic to destroying churches and other historic buildings.

The next order of business was to deface and try (unsuccessfully) to pull down a statue of President Andrew Jackson, an effective president but also a slave-owner and Indian foe.  Oh!  And let us not forget that he was the first Democrat party president.

Again, even those people who don't have warm feelings for Jackson are beginning to be troubled by the fact that it's a violent mob, rather than a democratic process, that is making decisions about what's appropriate in the public square.

Other footage from the Lafayette Square protests also will not endear leftists to ordinary Americans.  There are the usual hysterically screaming, obscene, incoherent white women (who are surrounded by other screaming white people):

There's the drooling (literally) ponytailed, tattooed white man hurling obscene invective at a black cop:

(And at 1:14, did the drooler call the black officer a "bitch-ass n-----"?)

Once again, these are not uplifting images about pushing back against bad cops.  Indeed, putting the lie to the rhetoric, the D.C. police showed incredible restraint when faced with extreme provocation.

Drool man was not the only person trying to create viral video moments of police violence.  But again, the police held strong, showing admirable self-control:

We also witnessed a touch of irony when the same people who film every police/black person interaction attacked and tried to rob Daily Caller reporter Shelby Talcott when they suspected her of using her phone to film the activity at the park:

Shelby later explained that, when a protester tried to steal her phone, she fought back:

"I didn't let her have it and fought her for it," Talcott said, adding, "They weren't there to talk, they were there to get me out by any means necessary, that was made clear when the woman attacked me to try and steal my phone."

After that, Talcott said that she turned toward the police and they pulled her through the line and away from the crowd. They put her in cuffs, explaining to her that it was for her own safety and that she had to be handcuffed because she was behind the police line.

"They probably saved me from getting my ass beat," Talcott concluded.

Eventually, the police arrived and began the hard work of dispersing this vile collection of leftists:

President Trump sent them off with a Twitter warning:

Despite Trump's warning, it's unlikely that a Department of Justice heavily staffed with young, Democrat-leaning attorneys will do a darn thing to those arrested.  More importantly, though, these protests likely squander all of the goodwill Floyd's death engendered.  Voters have also taken note that Democrats seem entirely comfortable with this ugliness, for their political leaders have not said a single word to stop or even to criticize their army of street fighters.

A few days ago, John Nolte wrote that, geographically, most of America is peaceful.  It's only thanks to cities in regions that will vote Democrat no matter what that Americans are getting the chance to face squarely the Marxism incubated on American college campuses and then spread among urbanites, minorities, and other self-styled victims.  I sense that Americans will shrink back in revulsion from this preview of coming attractions in a leftist-run America.

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