Trump should just kill social media altogether

Is the beginning of Jack Dorsey's end in President Trump's executive order on social-media bias? In an adjective: unlikely.  Should Trump get his druthers, social media companies will be liable for the content published on their platforms.  In other words, Cousin Merle's inane Facebook ramblings will now be Mark Zuckerberg's problem, along with the darkly meandering thoughts of billions of other souls. Twitter set this gamesmanship in train by attempting to fact-check a claim by the president that mail-in ballots are ripe with fraud.  The check itself was factitious: a West Virginia postman was charged with election fraud involving mail-in ballots the same day as Trump's flagged tweet.  Just the same, the corrective disclaimer Twitter used erroneously conflated mandated postal voting with absentee ballots. It also wasn't a comfort to Twitter's image that Yoel Roth, the tweety company's "head of...(Read Full Post)
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