The Democrats' ‘Governor Says’ America

In the kids' game “Simon Says,” whatever the child designated as Simon says, the other children must obey. “Simon says hop on your right leg while rubbing your head with your left hand.” Outrageously, Democrats have exploited coronavirus to override the U.S. Constitution to transform America into an evil game of “Governor Says.”

By simply decreeing, “Governor says,” our right to assemble and worship God is rescinded. Governor says fake news media elites and government employees are essential and can earn a living. Governor says Trump supporters are nonessential and cannot earn a living.

Living in a tiny town in West Virginia, Mary and my shopping options are in Maryland or Virginia. Since Maryland's governor decreed that everyone must wear masks, we shop in Virginia.

Out of nowhere, Gov. Ralph Northam announced that practically all Virginia business employees and patrons must begin wearing masks.  Northam's supreme-dictator decree comes on the heels of 35 states reopening and dramatically declining nationwide cases of COVID-19. So why on earth is he doing this? The answer is political wickedness, folks.

It still blows my mind that by arbitrarily declaring a state of emergency a governor can force you to do something potentially detrimental to the health of yourself and your family. Numerous health experts say masks are dangerous

In their new “Governor Says” America, Democrat governors are thrilled that if it suits their fancy, they can order Americans to hop on one leg while touching their nose. Without a single vote or gunshot, Democrats are implementing all their extreme anti-Christian, anti-American, and environmental wacko dream initiatives.

I thought about singer/songwriter Sheryl Crow's idea to save the environment. In 2007, we laughed when Crow wrote: “I propose a limitation be put on how many squares of toilet paper can be used in any one sitting.” In the new “Governor Says” America, you could immediately be ordered to only use three squares of toilet paper. In their disdain for conservatives, Democrat governors could decree that constituents must use their “right” hand when applying their three squares. Children will be instructed by teachers and Hollywood celebs to call the cops to report parents whom they suspect are selfishly and irresponsibly breaking the three squares mandate.

Let us not forget that leftists instructed kids to steal their parent's guns and turn them over to their schoolteacher. Michelle Obama instructed students to report parents who made politically incorrect statements at the family dinner table. Leftist-controlled public schools are transforming students into extreme leftist sleeper cell operatives in their parent's homes. This is why home-schooling is so important and why Democrats seek to ban/criminalize home-schooling.

It is remarkably evil that Democrats and fake news media feel no price is too high to defeat Trump in November. Democrat governors of California, New York and other blue states are purposely orchestrating the destruction of their states in hope that Trump will be blamed for it. Democrats must pay a severe price for their selfish cruelty for political gain.

I thank God that small business owner Michael Pastelak is defiantly reopening while suing Gov. Roy Cooper of North Carolina for the lockdown. Pastelak says if he does not disobey the governor's order he will not have a business to reopen.  I want to see a tsunami of lawsuits across our country against these arrogant, wicked, and anti-American Democrat dictators.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American

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