The Democrats' ‘Governor Says’ America

In the kids' game “Simon Says,” whatever the child designated as Simon says, the other children must obey. “Simon says hop on your right leg while rubbing your head with your left hand.” Outrageously, Democrats have exploited coronavirus to override the U.S. Constitution to transform America into an evil game of “Governor Says.” By simply decreeing, “Governor says,” our right to assemble and worship God is rescinded. Governor says fake news media elites and government employees are essential and can earn a living. Governor says Trump supporters are nonessential and cannot earn a living. Living in a tiny town in West Virginia, Mary and my shopping options are in Maryland or Virginia. Since Maryland's governor decreed that everyone must wear masks, we shop in Virginia. Out of nowhere, Gov. Ralph Northam announced that practically all Virginia business employees and patrons must begin wearing...(Read Full Post)
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