Michigan's top politicians provoked devastating dam burst to protect mussels

Hard to say all is going swimmingly for Michigan's three amigas who now reign supreme in the top state government. Governor Whitmer and Attorney General Dana Nessel will have a lot of questions to answer about the horrific dam failure and flooding last week.  In a scathing story, online news source Bridge reports that freshwater "mussels" took priority over human safety. Michigan regulators moved fast on dangerous dam.  To protect mussels. For decades, federal regulators demanded changes to the design of the Edenville Dam to make it more likely to withstand heavy rains and avoid flooding. So when Michigan regulators assumed oversight of the dam in late 2018 after its owners lost their federal license to generate energy, they took action. To protect mussels. Three weeks before the 96-year-old dam failed this week amid heavy rains and caused the worst flood in Midland history, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel sued its owner,...(Read Full Post)
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