It's ridiculous that everyone's buying up all the toilet paper

This makes the second week that I have been unable to purchase toilet paper.  At first, I was mind-boggled that anyone thought it was necessary to buy every roll in sight, then that so many people think it is essential to buy out the shelves.  I try to keep around enough reserves that I don't need to worry if I can't buy for two weeks, but yes, I'm running out.

I understand that people fear being in quarantine for two weeks or a month over WuFlu fears, and wanting their personal supply to last.  That weighs on their minds — not the alleged lethality of the current coronavirus, which 97-plus percent of people survive.  The disease is not so scary as the potential rules government might impose, including curfews, quarantines, confiscation of personal goods, forced evacuation, etc.  See the mayor of Champaign, Ill. (reference Exhibit A) if you have questions.

Government gone wild is far more frightening than any natural disaster.  Some allege that conservatives are less afraid of the coronavirus than liberals because it has reached the point where Trump is being criticized about his handling of the issue.  Not at all.  Because Trump took steps early to reduce the spread of the virus, we've had time to realize this is not the Black Plague redux.  Fortunately, American Thinker has published several articles (here, here, here, etc.) by authors who are staying on top of the available information.  But I think this article best shows which group has more politically motivated interest in touting the seriousness of the emergency.

Yes, we should practice general hygiene, perhaps more assiduously, as we do for seasonal flu.  Even Joe Biden agrees, and you know it has to be serious for him to encourage everyone to give up hugging and hand-shaking.  This is why I'm not afraid of Candi Cdebaca, who thinks she can indirectly kill masses of Trump-supporters by going to Trump rallies.  The people at the rallies are pretty healthy to begin with, and it's the frail elderly in nursing homes who are most at risk.  This does not represent any approval of her plan, but rather the basis on which I find it stupid and mean-spirited — i.e., quintessentially Democratic.

Meanwhile, in search of T.P., I walked around a couple of Walmart stores.  There's plenty of fresh produce, though the coffee has been decimated and the breakfast cereal even more so, but only toilet paper is utterly absent, as far as I could tell.  There are still a few boxes of facial tissues and rolls of paper towels.  I spoke to a worker who said they get a new shipment of toilet paper every day, and it's gone within ten minutes of the pallet being put on the floor.  Even placing a grocery order for pickup won't get you that item, because they fill the orders by pulling from the shelves, and the shelf is empty.

I think about analogies for the situation: the angel stirring the pool at Bethesda, and only the first one in benefits.  Hoarders being the top 1% in toilet paper wealth, and no Occupy group calling them on it or calling for redistribution.  And I wish I didn't spend so much time on the road, because it interferes with my SHTF prepping tendencies.

I did score a four-pack of RV/Marine tissue.  I hope this lasts me until people stop being quite so massively foolish.  Then again, a political majority elected Barack Obama twice.

I thought you might enjoy some "T.P. porn" as you dream of it being restocked in sufficient quantities that you can buy it slightly in advance of need.  Then you can read about the alternatives.

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