It's ridiculous that everyone's buying up all the toilet paper

This makes the second week that I have been unable to purchase toilet paper.  At first, I was mind-boggled that anyone thought it was necessary to buy every roll in sight, then that so many people think it is essential to buy out the shelves.  I try to keep around enough reserves that I don't need to worry if I can't buy for two weeks, but yes, I'm running out. I understand that people fear being in quarantine for two weeks or a month over WuFlu fears, and wanting their personal supply to last.  That weighs on their minds — not the alleged lethality of the current coronavirus, which 97-plus percent of people survive.  The disease is not so scary as the potential rules government might impose, including curfews, quarantines, confiscation of personal goods, forced evacuation, etc.  See the mayor of Champaign, Ill. (reference Exhibit A) if you have questions. Government gone wild is far more frightening than any...(Read Full Post)
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