No apologies from Denver city council member who endorsed spreading coronavirus at Trump rallies

A failing "democratic socialist" pol, known as Denver's Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wannabe, is trying to extricate herself from political fallout that's come from her encouraging the spread of coronavirus at Trump rallies.

Denver city council member Candi CdeBaca (I wrote about her here earlier) retweeted some leftist lunatic's vow to do that with manic, emoji-infused cheerleading.

According to Denver's Fox31 News:

CdeBaca quoted a tweet that said, "For the record, if I do get the coronavirus I'm attending every MAGA rally I can."

CdeBaca responded and quoted the tweet by saying, "#solidarity Yaaaas!!"

Here's a muddy screen shot of the tweet, the Daniel section having been since deleted, but not CdeBaca's retweet.

So let's get this straight here: leftist pol styling herself as Denver's answer to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez threatens to spread coronavirus, a deadly disease for many, targeting Trump rallies, and does so using manic low-intelligence, emoji-filled laughter.

People spend weeks in isolation just based on exposure to prevent its spread to others.  Whole economies are going down in East Asia because of it.  She knows that the disease is extremely contagious as well as deadly for the vulnerable, such as older people and people with compromised immune systems, but since she's none of that, she'll gladly spread it to people whose politics dissent from her own.  The Colorado GOP has called on her to resign but she hasn't even apologized.

This kind of talk is perfectly redolent of the kind of garbage coming out of other democratic socialists these days, such as the Iowa-based creep exposed by undercover investigative reporter James O'Keefe, leading any normal person to conclude:

But just because she refuses to apologize, that doesn't mean she isn't trying to run out on her tab, evade consequences, and extricate herself from the inevitable fallout from this sick threat she ought to be arrested for given the weaponization of disease she's threatening.

According to Denverite:

As of Tuesday at about 10 a.m., CdeBaca's retweet, which included the hashtag #solidarity, "Yaaaas!!" and some laughing emojis, has been shared about 350 times and liked about 204 times.

The comments keep piling one, mostly, it seems, from conservative Twitter users calling for her resignation. Lisa Calderón, CdeBaca's chief of staff, sent us this statement about the tweet:

"Councilwoman CdeBaca made a sarcastic tweet on Twitter to call attention to the Trump administration's downplaying of the Coronavirus outbreak as a 'hoax' no more dangerous than the common flu. Rather than conservative outlets making a four-day-old Tweet their focus on Super Tuesday, they should focus their energy on demanding a competent Federal response to this public health crisis instead."

Mayor Michael Hancock has opted to stay out of the fray. Mike Strott, a spokesperson with the mayor's office, said it wouldn't be commenting on the tweet. "We're focused on the work of ensuring public health and safety. The public health challenges of this virus are very real and our goal is to minimize the risks for everyone, politics doesn't factor into this."

That explanation is grotesque, a piece of work.  She claims she was being sarcastic, not understanding the meaning of the word, therefore it was fine.

She compounds the effort by spreading lies (when she can't spread disease, lies will have to do) by falsely claiming that President Trump called the whole epidemic "a hoax," something that landed many a media hound in trouble for spreading that themselves.  Trump called the Democratic narrative that he wasn't doing anything about the epidemic their "hoax," which would make her a hoaxster, given that she's jumping right in even after the claim has been discredited.  Trump, in fact, has been praised by public health officials for his decisive coronavirus response, rendering her claim that nothing is being done extremely dishonest.

And why the heck would that justify killing others by spreading a deadly disease?

She compounds the problems in her explanation even further by attacking Republicans by saying Republicans are focused on "a four-day old tweet" as if the days past make it all right to tweet sick threats.

Lastly, no apology — she's not sorry in the least.  Any disgust with the sick tweet she put out was on us, not her.

It's the sort of thing that would make you think she might really be willing to spread the coronavirus as a political weapon against dissidents.

The Democrats have done nothing about this, but it's not going well for her.  A look at her YouTube shows nothing but dislikes and negative comments, plus a mere dozen or so followers.  That doesn't sound like someone who's a rising power.  Worse still, the Colorado Sun reports that she billed herself as Ms. Clean to voters but has rapidly been caught up in scandal in Denver, attempting to place her "wife" on the city payroll, a bona fide conflict of interest, which definitely disgusted this writer

Now she's calling for the weaponization of disease to advance her policy prescriptions.  She needs a visit from the Secret Service as well as full financial responsibility if any of her Bernie Bros takes her recommendation to heart.

Photo illustration by Monica Showalter with use of YouTube screen shot and Pixabay public domain image.

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