Buttigieg: No moderate on baby-killing

The so-called political experts bloviating on the TV shows describe Pete Buttigieg, AKA Saint Pete, as the "moderate" challenger to socialist Bernie Sanders.  But Mayor Pete's record, especially on abortion, is far from moderate. Pete is just a younger, more polished version of Bernie Sanders.  In fact, in 2000, as a high school student, Pete wrote an essay praising Bernie Sanders as a "profile in courage" that won the John F. Kennedy Library Award. On abortion, there is no question that Buttigieg is not a moderate.  Buttigieg supports abortion on demand. For example, in April 2018, Mayor Pete vetoed a South Bend, Indiana City Council rezoning that would have allowed a pro-life counseling home, Women's Health Center, next to a proposed abortion clinic, Whole Woman's Health Alliance.  Saint Pete said: Issues on the legality or morality of abortion are dramatically beyond my paygrade as a...(Read Full Post)
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