A communist, a small-town mayor, and a woman nobody knows

My guess is that this was not the plan.  In other words, the Democrat establishment wanted to come out of New Hampshire with a strong V.P. Biden on a mission to close the sale on Super Tuesday.

What do we have?

Bernie Sanders is a communist, and there are lots of videos to support that.  His young supporters don't know what that means, but their parents and most voters do. 

Pete Buttigieg is a small-town mayor who does not have black support.  How do you compete in the general election without enthusiastic black voters?  Also, I thought it was interesting that Buttigieg saluted "the love of his life" last night but did not ask him to come on stage for the usual show of support from the spouse.  I wonder if he heard what Representative James Clyburn said about blacks and same-sex "marriage."

Last, but not least, Senator Amy Klobuchar — the party's version of "Miss Congeniality."

Everybody (except her former staffers) apparently loves Amy, but no one really knows where she stands.  Yet she is very liberal, as we see here.  For example, she supports the Green New Deal and wants to re-enter the Paris Climate Accord, achieve 100% net zero emissions by 2050, an end to fossil fuel subsidies, and jobs with heartland workers in mind.  Also, she wants universal background checks; to close gun show loopholes; and to ban assault weapons, bump stocks, and high-capacity magazines.  She opposes school choice.

Is Klobuchar really a moderate, or has she been silent for years?  We will learn when she is forced to take positions outside the Democrat bubble.

Let's see what happens in South Carolina and on Super Tuesday.  

No matter what, this is a party without a nominee who can put together a coalition to win the presidency. 

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