Republicans for Sanders?

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are the two wings of the Democratic Party.  Clinton is the Democratic establishment, consisting of corporatists who sacrifice American workers for globalism and their corrupt masters.  Because the Clintons, the Democratic leadership in Congress, CNN, and MSNBC all want to stop Bernie, I want to help him.  He's not a globalist, or the tool of international big business.  He's the anti-Clinton.

Even if you're a Republican, there's a chance you could help Bernie defeat Clintonism.  South Carolina votes on February 29, followed three days later by Super Tuesday, with votes in, among others, Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Minnesota, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and Vermont.  If you live in one of these states, you can vote for Bernie in the primary, even though you're a Republican.  

On Monday, in New Hampshire, President Trump suggested that his audience vote for the Democrat who would be the easiest for him to beat.  But I'm advocating for Sanders not because I think he'd lose to Trump.  I'm supporting him because most of his most powerful enemies are my enemies as well.  

My enemy's enemy is my friend.

The other reason to vote for Sanders is to stop Buttigieg.  He's the new version of Bill Clinton.  Bright, charming, pedigreed, and glib, he hides his real agenda behind an eager, smiling face.  Like Clinton, he's a snake, a fork tongued phony.  Stopping Buttigieg is important, and Bernie can do it, and win black votes doing it.  As black journalist Elie Mystal explains in the Nation, blacks really don't like Buttigieg.  Clinton knew blacks well all his life and could relate to them.  White-bread Mayor Pete doesn't know how.

I live in California, so I have to change my registration to vote for Bernie on March 3.  Since there really isn't a Republican Party of California, it will be well worth doing.

Fritz Pettyjohn has been a registered Republican for 56 years.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr.

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