Mexican president Lopez Obrador pressures Pelosi on USMCA

James Freeman of the Wall Street Journal asks if Speaker Pelosi wants to force Mexico to pay for a trade wall with her failure to schedule a House vote on the USMCA trade pact: The Speaker of the House who called a border wall with Mexico "an immorality" is still sitting on a Mexican request to approve a new trade agreement. What is the morality of ignoring this key priority of our southern neighbors? (snip) In a letter this week, Mexico's President Andrés Manuel López Obrador takes another shot at persuading Mrs. Pelosi to take yes for an answer on a union-friendly renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement: Dear Madam Speaker: Following up on my letter dated October 8, I would like to inform you that, with approval of our 2020 federal budget, which includes appropriations for implementing the labor law reforms that I have promoted, we have fully met our commitments regarding the United States-Mexico-Canada...(Read Full Post)
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