Democrats now bruit 'Adam Schiff' for president

Democrats in Congress are solely focused on impeachment in Congress.  They aren't interested in "roads and bridges"; they aren't about to find some path to citizenship for illegal aliens currently enjoying DACA protections. The only thing they want is to Get Trump. The one guy who's helping along on that front, Rep. Adam Schiff, whose dank basement hearings have yielded a rushed "report," is now a rising star. According to Taylor Millard at Hot Air, citing a report in The Hill: It's not going to happen this election cycle, however, there is speculation California Congressman Adam Schiff is looking towards higher office. The only question is how high. A new report from The Hill suggests Schiff has his eyes on either the Senate or a future residency in the White House. Some Democrats see him as the natural heir to 86-year-old Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.); others say the 19-year Southern California...(Read Full Post)
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