America's real disease is toxic ignorance

The new favorite adjective of the unguided left is "toxic."  Toxic masculinity, toxic racism, toxic this, toxic that.  The real problem today is toxic ignorance. Lack of education, lack of facts, lack of tolerance, and lack of grounding principles have weakened the immune system of society and made it vulnerable to the ravages of toxic ignorance.  It's easy to call screaming throngs "stupid," but their stupid conduct has at its source ignorance — lack of information combined with lack of perspective. Many factors have combined over the last 50 years to remove the moral scaffolding into which we fit incoming information and prioritize it.  Judeo-Christian values have been demonized and replaced with relativism.  Relativism implies that nothing is all good or all bad, all wrong or all right.  There are no justified priorities.  Live and let live.  Once this took hold,...(Read Full Post)
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