PR Makeover: Greta Thunberg apologizes for call to kill, claims it 'goes without saying' she's against violence


Young Greta Thunberg's handlers must have noticed a certain public relations problem after their youthful charge called for politicians who didn't share her views on global warming to be put up "against the wall." I wrote about that here.

She's since tweeted these:


Greta's explanation seemed credible and the apology seemed decent enough in that it didn't blame anyone else, there were no yes-buts in it, so credit may be where credit is due. But more likely, it was some skillful public relations handling.

It was also far from perfect, having as it did the familiar presumptuousness of the establishment left. At the tail end of her two tweets, there was this:

I can not enough express the fact that I - as well as the entire school strike movement- are against any possible form of violence. It goes without saying but I say it anyway 

Goes without saying?

No, actually, to normal people, it doesn't go without saying. Socialists and communists have one hell of a history of killing people by the millions. It happens wherever leftists have complete power and zero fear of being held accountable by voters because "the science is settled." If someone had told Greta she'd get all the power she wanted on global warming if it meant killing a few dissidents, does anyone doubt this young fanatic would take it? For communists, including this new 'watermelon' variety, the ends always justifies the means.

The arrogance of this whole thing might be attributed to youthful ignorance, but more likely, it's the attitudes of Greta's handlers, who probably crafted the tweets.

Thunberg's green backers, linked to Al Gore and looking to make a killing in the markets through government green contracts are already well known, but her handlers are not, and they are mighty interesting too. The one who's been identified, Luisa Marie Neubauer, am experienced 23-year-old German activist and politician with a likely money relationship with George Soros's ONE foundation, who's constantly seen in Greta's company.

Here's a load of some her presumptuous statements from her Wikipedia page:

Neubauer has received negative press coverage[15] for her past flights to remote countries such as, among others, NamibiaUnited States of AmericaUnited KingdomHong KongCanada as well as Morocco. As a response, she has stated that any criticism of her personal consumption distracts from larger structural and political issues.[16]


While positioning herself against the comparison of the climate change and the Holocaust, she has written in her latest book that the climate change is the greatest disaster in human history[18].


She makes today's political class responsible, especially white men from the northern hemisphere, for being painfully slow while implementing needed climate measures[21].Therefore the northern atmosphere is obligated to decrease their standard of living to pay for the future change of the global south towards an environmental way of life[22].

Neubauer faced backlashes and is being accussed of having a sexist world-view after claiming that men as a gender have failed in human history and women would do a much better job.[23]

Here is what someone on social media posted about the handler relationship, and most of those photos seem to be confirmed by Neubauer's Wikipedia page.

InfoWars has a pretty interesting exploration of the ties between the two radicals.

And what's most noticible is that Greta is starting to look pretty polished and glammed up for her photos, seen on Twitter. She's had a makeover. Gone are the braids and dirty snow-coat look, now she's got makeup on and a stylish wardrobe. Her speeches are pure establishment goo-goo, they are no longer the spontaneous crazed screams about stolen childhoods and other laughable claptrap. Her photos, even (actually, especially) those of her traveling rough, are now shot at professional camera lights and angles, glamorizing and romanticizing her life on the road.

She's definitely getting the P.R. makeover. Which reinforces the idea that she's a tool, an actress, putty in the hands of monied special interests, including her pricey handlers.

Was the apology part of that same P.R. handling? Sure looks like it. 

Images credit: Greta Thunberg Twitter screen shots

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