The impeachment circus as scare tactic

The Democrats are after bigger game than the relatively minor figures of Paul Manafort, George Papadopoulos, and Roger Stone — the proverbial low-hanging fruit. As Aristotle observed long ago, human action is purposive, meaning it is goal-directed — mathematical game theory has followed suit.  We undertake to do something because we believe that it will accomplish an outcome we desire.  The belief may be false, unjustified, or even silly, in which case the desired outcome will not or is unlikely to occur.  Still, the action followed a purposive model, and, says Aristotle, it is best explained that way. Applying Aristotle's model to the impeachment circus in the House yields the following argument. (A) If Democrats want to accomplish a certain goal and believe that impeaching President Trump will accomplish that goal, then Democrats will impeach President Trump. (B) Democrats want to accomplish a certain goal and believe that...(Read Full Post)
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