Global depopulation is this century's challenge

In a recent paper ("World Scientists' Warning of a Climate Emergency"), 11,000 "concerned scientists" channeled Thomas Malthus and dropped the gauntlet in their recent study on climate change.  Apparently, Gaia is not happy with population growth.  Their imperative: "Earth's population "needs to be stabilized — and, ideally, gradually reduced — within a framework that ensures social integrity."  The anthropogenic climate change crowd is married to ideology and a quasi-religion rather than facts and data.  A close and objective review of the data indicates that Earth is facing a depopulation problem, not an overpopulation problem.  Half the world's population has a sub-replacement fertility rate, which is 2.1 in developed nations and higher in developing countries (due to higher mortality rates).  The global fertility rate in 2017 was 2.4, steadily...(Read Full Post)
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