Journalistic standards have had nothing to do with the truth for a long time

For decades, ABC and other media outlets have hidden the truth about the serial abuse of women and young girls by the powerful Clintons, Weinstein, and Epstein.  The cover-up was to protect the Clintons from scrutiny as they sought to elect and re-elect Bill and to put the corrupt Hillary in the White House in 2016.  All these people pretending to be journalists didn't care about all the women who were physically and mentally abused.

Now, with the "Me Too movement," we are told they really care, but only some of the time.  How many women and young girls have been abused by powerful men while the media looked the other way — as long as they supported the Clintons and wanted Democrats in power?

Photo credit: Orvalrochefort.

The media do not want any investigation into the massive corruption and collusion by the Obama administration and other Democrats in 2016 as they sought to take out Trump and elect the corrupt Hillary.  Instead of media outlets wanting the public to learn the truth, they seek to impeach Trump for investigating the criminal activity.

The media absolutely hide the truth about the massive kickbacks by foreign entities and others to the Clintons and Bidens as they pretend no one is above the law. 

The media know that Trump gave aid to Ukraine with nothing in return and Obama/Biden withheld aid and gave a loan to Ukraine only after they demanded and got a prosecutor fired, but they say Biden/Obama did nothing wrong and Trump should be impeached. 

We don't have the right to hear from anyone who disagrees on climate change.  How does so much of the U.S have exceptionally low temperatures if 150 years of fossil fuel use, 150 years of CO2 increase, and an exponential increase in the number of people worldwide cause warming?

While the media intentionally hide the truth for things negative to Democrats, they collude with Democrats to perpetrate a known lie that Trump colluded with Russia in 2016. 

They perpetrated gossip to take out Brett Kavanaugh in 2018 with no evidence. 

They intentionally lie about what Trump said about Charlottesville to gin up racial hate and violence. 

They treat congenital liars Schiff, Brennan, Clapper, Rice, and others as credible people as they seek to destroy Trump and elect Democrats. 

And today, we are being treated to endless reports in the media about a book by an anonymous source to trash Trump with no evidence that the stories are true.  This person is supposedly someone who was or is high up in the Trump administration and says how inept, stupid, racist, and dangerous Trump is.  Isn't it amazing that Trump has given us the lowest unemployment in 50 years along with record low unemployment for minorities and the less educated?  The inept president has brought Iran to its knees, and terrorism deaths have dropped substantially.  The inept president also has kept his word on taxes and trying to secure the border along with trying to rein in China.  Our inept president has made the U.S. energy-independent. 

Can anyone imagine how great the U.S. economy would be and how safe the world and our borders would be if the media, egotistical power-hungry bureaucrats, the Ukraine whistleblower's attorney, and other Democrats had been helping and legislating instead of cascading from one impeachment scam to another since Trump took office?

The media have always picked and chosen what stories to run and not run based on an agenda.  We have been treated to dangerous indoctrination for a long time instead of providing the public with the truth. 

Some journalists are much more dangerous to the integrity of U.S. elections, our freedom, and democracy than anything Russia or other countries have ever done.

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