The Russia hoax: The Left's willful ignorance and denial

As we see and hear leftists spew their anti-Trump vitriol all day long on CNN and MSNBC and the others, anchors and guests — Jake Tapper, Chuck Todd, Chris Wallace, and their favored guests, for example — one has to wonder, has not one of them ventured to read any of the books or the vast number of columns written by real journalists who have laid out in detail how the Russia hoax was orchestrated?  Who instigated it?  Who paid for it?

Even Friday, after hearing that the Barr and Durham probes into the origins of the hoax are now criminal investigations, they all dismiss this bit of news as, get this, a political witch hunt!

Whereas they were actually conducting a secret search for a crime in deep, dark crevices where none existed, they now have the gall to call Barr's and Durham's investigations "political."  How desperate are the Dems?  So desperate are they that they are making serious mistakes.  Because they have ignored the voluminous facts of the Clinton/Obama conspiracy to destroy Trump, both before and after the 2016 election, they apparently assume the rest of us have ignored the true story as well.

So while the rest of us have been devouring the hundreds of well researched columns by John SolomonEric FeltenLee SmithSara CarterJeff CarlsonMargot ClevelandMollie Hemingway, et al. and books by Gregg JarrettAndrew McCarthyDan BonginoKim Strassel, the denizens of the leftist media have simply ignored the vast amount of information in the public realm that has laid out the many crimes of highest-ups in our most once prestigious agencies — CIA, FBI, DOJ, and NSA.  Can this be true?  Have they really ignored the facts all this time?

Hugh Hewitt asks his new interviewees a couple of basic questions: "Have you read The Looming Tower by Lawrence Wright?"  It is the definitive book on the rise of al-Qaeda.  Few have read it.  His second question is "Do you think Alger Hiss was guilty of spying?"  It is shocking how many people have no idea who Alger Hiss was.  Joy Reid of MSNBC had no clue.  It's his way of learning how informed his guests are.

If only someone would ask Jake Tapper, Anderson Cooper, Rachel Maddow, Chris Wallace, or Chuck Todd, "Have you read Andrew McCarthy's book, Ball of Collusion? If not, why not?  If yes, do you dismiss the facts laid out in that book?"  But no one asks them.

The Left simply dismisses any narrative contrary to its own conviction that Trump is guilty of numerous crimes born of their imagination.  So chock-full of facts and documentation are those books and articles that one must conclude they simply have not read them.  If they do not recognize their existence, they don't exist.

Leftists, like small children, have their fingers in their ears.  With the announcement that the Barr and Durham investigations are now of criminal wrongdoing, they are having a tantrum.  Like the college students who shout down anyone of whom they disapprove, they are going to do their level best to shout down and discredit Barr, Durham, and I.G. Horowitz.  It will be a waste of their time and effort.  Facts will eventually be the rule of the day.  When the history books are written, Adam Schiff's legacy will be one of shame along with the rest of the Left that perpetrated a monstrous hoax to take down a president leftists hated for winning because he was not a member of their exclusive club of our self-appointed betters. 

It is about time that the media tools of the Left get up to speed on what is coming down the pike.  They have been fools for the Left for decades, but their subservience might be about to bite them badly.  If any of them, even one of them, is smart, he will start reading all the material they've dismissed as partisan nonsense and thus ignored.

In a just world, only those who rise to the occasion and admit to the corruption that birthed the Russia hoax would survive.  But as we all know, the media are anything but just.  Despite spewing lies for three years, Schiff, Nadler, Swalwell, and the other gullibles in Congress as well as media shills Maddow, Cooper, Matthews, Lemon, etc. will feel no shame.  Not one of those in the media is an actual journalist.  They are partisan activists who have all contributed to the most ruinous political scandal in U.S. history and so are reprehensible.  It may take a while, but that is how history will view them. 

Photo credit: oddharmonic (cropped).

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