The Russia hoax: The Left's willful ignorance and denial

As we see and hear leftists spew their anti-Trump vitriol all day long on CNN and MSNBC and the others, anchors and guests — Jake Tapper, Chuck Todd, Chris Wallace, and their favored guests, for example — one has to wonder, has not one of them ventured to read any of the books or the vast number of columns written by real journalists who have laid out in detail how the Russia hoax was orchestrated?  Who instigated it?  Who paid for it? Even Friday, after hearing that the Barr and Durham probes into the origins of the hoax are now criminal investigations, they all dismiss this bit of news as, get this, a political witch hunt! Whereas they were actually conducting a secret search for a crime in deep, dark crevices where none existed, they now have the gall to call Barr's and Durham's investigations "political."  How desperate are the Dems?  So desperate are they that they are making serious...(Read Full Post)
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