The Left's childishness has gone stale

With the Idiot Left marching toward impeachment over nothing, the idea apparently is to make it okay to kick out a president just because you don't like him.  A president then becomes nothing special, no big deal, no longer a force in the power politics of Washington. He can handle the glossy, just-for-show stuff like state dinners and handing out Medals of Freedom, but real power will reside down in the bowels of the permanent administrative bodies of the Deep State.

Actually, as has been explained in a number of places, Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats don't want a real "impeachment process" because then the Republicans could subpoena documents and call witnesses, during which the farce would become apparent.  The Idiot Left would have egg all over its face, as it did when Robert Mueller testified before Congress about his shabby investigation.

So the true motive behind the Left's insistence on an impeachment process is simply to keep that train moving in hopes of never actually arriving at the purported destination.  To mix metaphors, we've seen this movie before: use the very idea of impeachment to throw mud on the president and keep the base riled.  If they can't change our minds via the education system, Hollywood, lies in the mass media, or union chicanery, they intend to wear us down by thuggery in the streets.

It was like this in 1917, when the Bolsheviks kept pressure on the legitimate government to give the impression that no one was in charge.  Gangs ran the streets and terrorized citizens, as the Brown Shirts did in 1932–33, Castro's thugs did in 1957–58, Allende's in the early seventies, Ortega's and Mugabe's in the eighties.  The script got so tattered from overuse that I personally quit following where it was being used after retiring from the Army in '92.

But it's the same script and the same enemy.  Only now it's not in a faraway place.  With the Colombian Army in 1988 and the Salvadoran Army in 1990–91, I could easily see that the leftist enemy in those places was simply unreasonable.  It never occurred to me I'd one day see leftists who were even more unreasonable in my own country.  It just didn't seem possible.  America was the best country in the world.  To hate America enough to fight her, you'd have to be totally deluded.  Nobody could be that wrong.

They could be, and they were.  I've only relatively recently begun to appreciate what socialism and leftism really are: corruption to the core, the kind of debilitating corruption that gums up the works everywhere so that nothing works as it should.  Nobody trusts anybody, and all is up for the taking by the baddest actor.  Legitimized criminality, all dressed up to sound pretty and even noble.  I never guessed people could be as gullible as they are, or as corruptible.

That's what the Left, and Nancy, and Chuck, and Maxine, and Barack, and Liz, and Beto, and Joe, on and on and on — that's what they represent.  It's what Ted represented, and Elijah, and LBJ.  And GHWB and GWB and Mitt.  The names don't stop there, but it's unnecessary to mention such as the spouses Clinton, who were known to be dangerous even in their Arkansas days.

The media that carry water for these criminals are as culpable as the criminals themselves for aiding and abetting.  Those of us who read and believe that one really Good Book know where all this is headed and how it will turn out and who will win, and that knowledge helps keep us sanguine.  Good does win in the end.  The aborters and crooks and liars don't get away with anything after all.

Meanwhile, we have to tolerate the Left's childishness, and it sure is getting old.

Image: Lorie Shaull via Flickr.

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