The Impeachment: Politics as lunacy

There's plenty that is shocking concerning Impeachment 2019, but perhaps the most appalling element is the sheer ineptness of the thing.  Viewing the effort objectively calls to mind nothing less than a particularly pungent observation of my youth that can best be euphemized as "mismanaging a nocturnal emission." A presidential impeachment is a serious and dangerous endeavor.  It has been attempted only three times previously and has never been totally successful.  It requires preparations and execution on the level of a massive military operation.  The Democrats began gibbering about impeachment as soon as the 2016 election returns appeared.  They had nearly three years to prepare.  But instead of an overwhelming and unstoppable D-Day operation, we instead have a political Anzio, marked by incompetence, mixed signals, bad timing, delusory behavior, and wish fulfillment. In Valhalla, Czar Reed...(Read Full Post)
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