Another triumph of political correctness

The French are in the grips of bitter soul-searching: an employee at Paris police headquarters knifed four police officers to death.  How could it happen that the signs that something was wrong with the man have been missed?

He was a longtime convert to Islam...and was an assiduous attendee of his local mosque, going to morning and evening prayers.  A radical imam who was nearly expelled from France officiated there, a police union official said Friday.

The killer also had contacts with “several individuals suspected of being part of the Salafist movement.


[T]he killer, a 45-year-old computer technician who worked in police intelligence, had tried to justify to a colleague the killings in January 2015 at the magazine Charlie Hebdo and had done the same for other radical Islamist killings.

The disturbing statements he made after a dozen people were killed in the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris were reported to higher-ranking officers, a police union official said Saturday, but nothing was done.

The fact that this and other potential clues — including a video the killer posted on Facebook that imitated throat-cutting — were missed by the police administration that surrounded him, at the heart of an organization dedicated to fighting terrorism, has shocked the ranks of the national police.

Shocking, indeed — yet the New York Times report leaves it to the reader to figure out why "nothing was done," not venturing to offer a hypothesis.  Thinking I must have inadvertently skipped a paragraph, I did a search on words that pinned the obvious culprit: "political" and "correctness."  None was found.  "Multiculturalism" returned no results, either.

No wonder the French are confused: they seek answers in the wrong place, not noticing the elephant in the room that is political correctness.  Imagine the outcry from the politically correct if someone were to impute that "an assiduous attendee of his local mosque" who "had tried to justify to a colleague the killings in January 2015 at the magazine Charlie Hebdo and had done the same for other radical Islamist killings" posed danger.  What could be more "Islamophobic"?

Of course, this happened before: Major Nidal Hasan, who gunned down his Fort Hood colleagues, expressed similar views and was not reprimanded or discharged, either, for the same politically correct reason, no doubt.

And now, political correctness has claimed four more victims, this time in Paris.

Undetected and still roaming free, who knows how many more victims it will claim...

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