Another triumph of political correctness

The French are in the grips of bitter soul-searching: an employee at Paris police headquarters knifed four police officers to death.  How could it happen that the signs that something was wrong with the man have been missed? He was a longtime convert to Islam...and was an assiduous attendee of his local mosque, going to morning and evening prayers.  A radical imam who was nearly expelled from France officiated there, a police union official said Friday. The killer also had contacts with “several individuals suspected of being part of the Salafist movement. Further: [T]he killer, a 45-year-old computer technician who worked in police intelligence, had tried to justify to a colleague the killings in January 2015 at the magazine Charlie Hebdo and had done the same for other radical Islamist killings. The disturbing statements he made after a dozen people were killed in the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris were reported to...(Read Full Post)
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