Life among the Trump-haters

My anti-Trump friends have truly lost it.  I guess because I'm one of the few Republicans they really interact with, and perhaps because I've done a lot of media appearances lately, they are taking it out on me.  Big time. Their bile comes in all forms — nasty text messages, emails, and tagging me on their Facebook pages to try to generate traffic for themselves and get me to waste hours of my life arguing with their deranged Trump-hater friends (most of whom hate all Republicans).  I have ignored them. Perhaps my favorite screed is this: "Until you get on the right side of history, I'm gonna need to re-evaluate our friendship."  (Proving the old adage that no good deed goes unpunished, I helped this "friend" find a job after he was out of work for six months.) Or this one, from a true limousine liberal who is constantly screaming "Unity!" from the comfort of his lily-white suburb, where...(Read Full Post)
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