The psychology of the Democrats

We are so lucky to have Democrats among us.  They can give us valuable lessons about psychology.  Today's lesson is about defense mechanisms.

We see defense mechanisms on display with prominent Democrat politicians and Deep-Staters.  The recent attempt to impeach Trump puts a few examples of defense mechanisms on display.

The accusation is that President Trump extorted Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate a political opponent to help Trump win re-election.  According to the transcript of the telephone call, Trump asked Zelensky to "find out what happened with this whole situation with Ukraine[.] ... I would like you to get to the bottom of it."  This sound like someone who has an open mind and wants to learn.

According to the accuser, better known as the whistleblower, Trump made "a specific request that the Ukrainian leader locate and turn over servers used by the Democratic National Committee[.]"  The whistleblower also said Trump pressured Zelensky to comply, but Zelensky responded to the request with, "Yes it is very important for me..."

The whistleblower got this information secondhand, which gave him the opportunity to fill in the blanks as desired.  A polite conversation became an "impeachable offense."  This form of mental gymnastics is called "distortion."

Another way to phrase the accusation is that Trump used his power to affect a foreign criminal investigation.  An example of such usage is when then–vice president Joe Biden threatened to withhold $1 billion unless Ukraine fired the prosecutor of Biden's son Hunter.  Biden has discussed impeachment of Trump for the Zelensky incident, as well as previously.  Seeing a sin in another for which oneself is guilty is called "projection." 

Projection comes into play in another aspect of the Ukraine telephone call.  Trump's request is to help him discover the events that provided the FBI with a legal excuse to investigate presidential candidate Trump in 2016 in Operation Crossfire Hurricane.  Without this excuse, the FBI's behavior is just an attempt to rig the election.  The whistleblower, probably a fan of the FBI investigation, is claiming that Trump wanted Ukraine's version of the FBI to investigate presidential candidate Biden.  This makes the whistleblower guilty of projection, too.

As long as we are having so much fun with Democrat defense mechanisms, how about one more?  Denial is an unwillingness to accept a too threatening reality.  In this case, the Democrats' denial is believing that someone smart enough to become a billionaire is too dumb to be the U.S. president.

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