How America's justice system is beginning to crumble

We Americans have long prided ourselves on the fairness of our system of justice.  It remains the best in the world.  But, just like a strong and magnificent bridge across a wide river, corrosion can set in.  If not monitored and repaired, the bridge can suddenly collapse.  Likewise, if we ignore the warning signs, if we do not address the inequities in our justice system, the public will reach a point when there is so little respect for the law that its enforcement will cease to be effective.  The danger is that we might become a lawless society, and that will lead to becoming a failed state.  Chaos and disintegration could follow. Hyperbole?  Here are seven warning signs, present today, that we ignore at great peril. Plea Bargains Coerce the Innocent to Plead Guilty One of several defects in the current system of plea bargains is that prosecutors can coerce innocent people to plead guilty to a lesser...(Read Full Post)
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