Iran, the domino effect of Trump's sanctions

The Trump Administration's sanctions against Iran have unexpected - and positive - side effects for security and peace in the world.

Protesters in Lordegan, Iran, set fire to the Friday prayer imam's office and other government offices after hundreds of city residents became infected with HIV and AIDS due to corruption and negligence by the regime following the re-use of contaminated syringes.

Residents of the village of Chenar Mahmoud, in the town of Lordegan, reported that a large number of villagers have been infected with HIV due to the negligence of local health authorities, report the media, because they lack the means to equip themselves, state money going to the army, nuclear, missile construction, the war in Syria, Yemen, the constant semi-civil war in Lebanon, and terrorist groups based in South America, Germany and the Middle East - including Hezbollah.

Local health authorities used infected needles on several people during diabetes tests, according to protesters, reported BBC Persia.

The demonstrators did not hesitate to attack and burn down the office of Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei's representative, as evidenced by videos of the demonstrations on social media.

The demonstrators also attacked and burned down the governor's building, the local health centre and a number of riot police vehicles.

The terrorist state is suffering one new setback after the other.

And while the people are rising up, the government is facing other problems. Iranian Petroleum Minister Zanganeh announced that the CNPC (China National Petroleum Corporation) has withdrawn from the consortium that was to develop the South Pars gas field.

This decision followed the decision of Total, a French company, which withdrew from the project.

And Total has withdrawn because it does not want to suffer the American sanctions imposed by Trump.

From now on, only the Iranian Petropars will be in charge of developing the gas field, and the government has neither the means nor the technology.

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