Trump vs. the barbarians at the gates

All the Sunday News programs have become unwatchable but for Maria Bartiromo's on Fox Business. Even Fox News Sunday is only marginally less biased than the other networks. No one looking for actual news and real journalism bothers with any of them:  CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC or CBS anymore.  

Tapper, Todd, Stephanopoulos, et. al. are each agents of the Democrat party dedicated to bringing President Trump to his knees.  Why? Because he is not one of them.  Because they loathe him and the people who elected him.  They have contempt for him and for us.  Their contempt is on display 24/7 on all but Fox News which has recently been inching toward becoming just like the rest of them, hopelessly biased against all things conservative.  

American progressives, beginning with Woodrow Wilson, set out to destroy America as founded to undo the Constitution and to make the US into a totalitarian creation not unlike Mao's China, Stalin's Soviet Union, Castro's Cuba, Chavez' and Maduro's Venezuela.  

When the American people rebel and elect a Reagan or a Trump, their anger and vitriol escalates into the stratosphere.  They unwittingly reveal not only their essential anti-Americanism but their fundamental abhorrence for anyone and everyone who takes issue with their intent to "transform" America.   They hate us much more than they love the country that has afforded them so many freedoms that most citizens of the world are denied.

The Left does mean to purposefully obliterate the cultural values that made this nation great.  They do mean to indoctrinate our young people with the myth of transgenderism, sacrificing the futures of countless children in the process.  They do mean to implement control over every aspect of our lives via the shallow myth of climate alarmism by instilling fear in the young.  They willfully intend to impose their socialist, soon-to-be communist globalism on us all.  

That's their plan and they are sticking to it, no matter how obvious it becomes that Americans are not on board. We elected Trump, to their eternal indignation, to stop this self-destructive, globalist nonsense. 

Hilariously, Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday asked Vice-President Pence if Trump did not trust Pelosi enough to brief her on the plan to take ISIS commander Al-Baghdadi out!  That is how blinkered Wallace is.  Of course Trump does not trust Pelosi or any other Democrat in Congress.  They've done nothing but try to destroy his presidency for the last three years.  

Who in their right mind would trust any one of them?  Each and every one of them, especially Pelosi and Schiff would have delighted in leaking the plan, even if it cost American lives.  That is who they are. This crop of Democrats, so deranged by Trump's successes, has lost any sense of decency and ethics.   

To millions of Americans, they are traitors to their own nation, to their own constituents.  They have all forsaken their home districts in their obsession to impeach the President and their constituents are noticing.   Most sentient Americans do not look forward to a socialist nation and the wholesale lack of freedom it would impose on our population. We like our cars and the freedom of movement our cars provide.  We like to travel by air.   We like the Second Amendment.  

Every tyrant who has confiscated his population's weapons has shortly thereafter committed genocide.  That's how it goes.  

Warren and Sanders and the rest of the Democrat candidates for president think that by promising free stuff for everyone, they will win because, even though they know none of their promises are remotely possible, we are all so easily manipulated we will fall for their lies.  Obamacare was an enormous lie and everyone knows that now.  

The American people are not likely to fall for such a gross falsehood again.  Medicare-for-all is an even bigger lie; there will be health care for no one but our self-appointed elites who make the laws.

As it becomes clear that not one of the current crop of candidates has a chance of beating Trump in 2020, the Left has escalated their plan to impeach the man before then.  But it's not going to happen.  People like having jobs.  They like not being on food stamps.  They like the fact that the US in now energy independent, that our economy is thriving.  They like that African-American unemployment is at the lowest ever recorded.  

They see that our cities that have long been run by progressives (Los Angeles, Chicago, Baltimore, etc.) are blighted by homelessness, poverty and an avalanche of illegal immigrants who require a massive investment of taxpayer dollars and that we are forced to endure the horrific crimes some of them commit here that take the lives of our citizens.  

They like Trump's love and enthusiasm for this country and for all of its people.  Hillary designated over half the country as deplorables and still thought she could win!  It is Ms. Clinton who is deplorable.  It is Ms. Clinton who is a blight upon this country.  To say her brand of corruption is toxic is an understatement.  

The one truism that afflicts our nation at this moment is that leftists believe only they are qualified to run this great nation.  They actually do believe those of us who oppose their plan for an America submissive to some amorphous but powerful global government entity are an impediment to their agenda.  

It is evident everywhere that most Americans are not buying what the Left is trying to sell.   Despite all the earnest efforts of a corrupt media and all those Sunday News Shows, Trump will be re-elected in a landslide.  The left hates him and they hate us.  We love him and we love this country.  There are more of us than there are of them. These are the crossroads, the barricades, at which we Americans now stand.   

The Left today stands for corruption, amorality, gender fluidity, anti-religiosity, injustice and open borders.  They intend to flood the country with Democrat voters.  They oppose the First and Second Amendments.  They oppose due process.   What Schiff and his co-conspirators are doing in secret is appalling and indefensible.  The Democrats and the mainstream media are the barbarians at the gate and they have, for three years now, beclowned themselves with their venomous bias against the man we elected to defeat them.  And he will defeat them again because Americans love their country.

Photocredit: cantfightthetendies

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