What did you say, Julian?

We can fairly say that Julian Castro was singing a different tune about border security a few years ago.  This is what he said about enforcement of immigration laws back in 2013:    Nobody agrees with open borders.  Everyone agrees that we need to secure our border." So what happened to Julian Castro in six short years?  First, he is at 2% in the polls and desperately looking for attention.  Sadly, your "15 minutes of fame" today can't happen by calling President Trump a racist or saying that he incarcerated children on the border.  It will get you an interview with Rachel Maddow who will conveniently forget to ask you about the kids that the Obama administration held in cages back then. Second, Julian Castro is not a serious man, or maybe just an opportunist.  What he said back in a 2013 was rather sensible.  He argued for some kind of immigration reform but insisted on border security or order on the...(Read Full Post)
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