Ignorance show: Omar's plan to end all student debt

Like some sort of big-daddy dictator, Rep. Ilhan Omar has vowed to make all student debt vanish with the wave of a hand. With all the certainty of a two-year-old, she says that it's 'simple':    According to the Grabien transcript of Omar's latest appearance on BET: RYE: “You have introduced debt cancellation legislation you have a very young district in Minnesota you’ve talked about the importance of you of this issue to you personally talk about some of the pillars of this particular legislation and how it work.” OMAR: “Yeah and as someone who’s part of the debt generation I wanted to make sure that we were creating a proposal that would alleviate the kind of stress that people are dealing with. So what we’re proposing is a simple cancellation of all debt public and private. So a simple cancellation of the one point six trillion dollars. And the way that we will pay for it you know in the next...(Read Full Post)
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