Greta never had any dreams

Apart from perhaps playing Wednesday in an Addams Family remake, it is hard to imagine any dreams for Greta Thunberg.  In truth, this Scandinavian rage muffin has it backwards when she bellows that we have stolen her dreams.  The preoccupation with the convenient eschatology of climate doomsday rubbish is an effect and not a cause of the emptiness and loss of meaningful goals in the lives of wealthy young people. It has been said that a goal is a dream on a timetable.  The traditional goal for young people of becoming educated according to talent and following useful, disciplined lives of service to others is obsolete for many children of wealth like Greta.  Such goals often involve a lot of boring work, being respectful to disagreeable superiors, and just getting past yourself — which the Gretas of this world have never been expected to do.  Coming from a theatrical background, histrionic climate obsessionality fills the...(Read Full Post)
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