Liberal media driving Trump impeachment narrative

When I recently scanned CNN's website, there were more than fifteen anti-Trump stories pushing the impeachment narrative, and not a single one acknowledging any wrongdoing by the Bidens or even the existence of Crowdstrike, which reflects the tenor of the media coverage.

The liberal meltdown is largely being driven by the Crowdstrike part of the story.  That's what scared the instigators into action, particularly if this once again is an Intelligence Community hit, which looks likely since the prime culprit driving this story is a CIA agent.  He is no more a whistleblower than Elizabeth Warren is an American Indian.  Let's just hypothesize that Russians never hacked the servers, and Cruella DeClinton's emails instead were leaked by a disgruntled bloke with a name that sounds something like Seth Rich.  In this case, there would be interested parties committed to ensuring that information never saw the light of day.

As far as sequels go, this is the equivalent of Highlander II, a movie so bad that it makes you think less of the original.  While the original Russian collusion delusion was built on an evil pyre of lies, it was at least mildly interesting as a work of creative fiction.  The sequel is based on hearsay "whistleblowing," creative use of ellipses, and complete ignorance of Democrat misdeeds, which is mildly understandable since the media refuse to report on them.

This entire house of cards rests on find some type of "quid pro quo," but the only quid pro quos in sight were naturally all done by projectionist Democrats.  From Quid Pro Joe to the noxious senator trio, the Democrats were quite comfortable threatening and cajoling foreign powers to protect their corruption and damage Republicans.

Without the media doing its job, Democrat accountability ceases to exist, and corruption explodes.  The corruption in the Democratic Party was so over the top and out of control that they really could not afford to hand over the reins of power to a Republican president.  Democrats, sure of their election in 2016, barely buried the skeletons.  

So, with the help of their media handmaidens, the Democrats decided that the best defense was a perverse offense and attacked. 

Page two of their playbook was to accuse President Trump of the very things they were guilty of doing.  Not only does that turn the story on its head, but it insulates them from blowback for their own serious misdeeds, since any counterpunch will be portrayed by their media allies as retaliation. 

Cruella DeClinton, through the use of intermediaries like Fusion GPS, colluded with foreign powers, to include Russia, to bring down Trump.  So Democrats accused him of committing their sin and rode that horse as far as it would carry them, right up until Robert Mueller incoherently muttered it off the cliff.

Democrats also colluded with Ukraine.  In fact, a couple of Ukrainian no-names at Crowdstrike kicked off the entire Russian national trauma.  So Democrats again accused Trump of what they were doing to bring us Highlander II: the Incoherent Coup.

Thanks to their media enablers, the entire Democratic Party has melted into a bubbling pool of incoherent insanity.  These people have taken the country to the edge of a cliff, and it is hard to envision a scenario where we return to some sense of normalcy.  One party's entire platform is now evil and antithetical to everything America once represented. 

This is why it is hard to predict how this impeachment drama will end.  A lot of people point to the fact that it was a mistake when a Republican Congress impeached Bill Clinton and predict that this will rebound even worse against the Democrats.  In a just world, this would hold true.  Clinton was guilty of provable high crimes, while Trump's primary crime is winning an election.

But the single biggest difference between the two scenarios are the media themselves.  The media immediately rallied to Clinton's defense and painted the Republicans as the true villains.  In the current case, they will not stop pounding the lying drums of impeachment.  Witness the creative use of the ellipses by most leftstream media outlets to lie about Trump's phone call, implying that he asked the Ukrainians to do him a favor by investigating Joe Biden. 

It is hard to predict how this will play out.  Too many Americans still trust the media...41% according to a recent Gallup poll.  That is largely boosted by the Democrat number which is 69%, as opposed to 36% of independents and 15% of Republicans.  It is that last number that surprises me the most.  Other than Bill Kristol, Max Boot, and Allahpundit, I'm a little curious as to who makes up that 15%. 

Republicans will come under tremendous pressure, and some of them will pull a crazy Romney to show how reasonable they are to the evil media in the interest of a few head-pats.  Most people aren't paying close attention, nor do they realize that media outlets are Democrat house organs.  Many people will believe what they hear repeated ad nauseam by the media.  For that reason, I'm hesitant to predict that this will benefit the president and Republicans. 

The fact that the Democrats are in the midst of a collective meltdown should result in the party's destruction.  Are enough Americans smart enough to see through the Democrat media establishment's evil façade?  Time will tell.

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