Is this really all the Democrats have to impeach Trump with?

I've read the whistleblower report and the transcript and am underwhelmed.  Trump's discussion of Biden may have been clumsy and inappropriate, but it is hardly an impeachable offense.

It is obvious that the Democrats have no policy agenda other than continuing their efforts to undo the will of the American people, who elected Trump, who has been a successful president so far despite the Democrats' and their media allies' best efforts to stop him.  Honestly, I don't see why he'd want a second term, given all the abuse he's taken and the negative financial impact on his businesses.  But despite my misgivings during the primary season last time, I'm glad he's president.  Bush, McCain, and Milquetoast Mitt let Democrats and the media run roughshod over them.

What concerns me, however, is whether Republicans will stick together.  It is troubling to see Mitt, who did not fight back when the awful Obama bludgeoned him as a mean old vulture capitalist, fail to support Trump.  They should realize that the Democrats declared war long ago (fake Russian collusion investigation, fake allegations against Kavanaugh, refusal to spend a dime to protect our border, etc).  Mitt and other Republicans should be going on offense and doing things like uniformly calling for the release of all transcripts of Biden's conversations with Ukraine, all communications between Dumb Man Walking and his loser son Hunter, and all internal communications among the three Democratic senators who threatened aid to Ukraine's then-president in 2018 if he didn't provide dirt on Trump.

I predicted several days ago that Biden will be the real loser in this episode.  His dirty dealings in Ukraine and elsewhere are getting exposed, and his poll numbers are in a free fall.  Indeed, the betting markets, which are a much better predictor of elections than polls and prognosticators like Nate Silver and Nate Cohn (as 2016 proved), have Elizabeth Warren with a 30-point advantage over Biden.  (A few days ago, Biden was ahead of her.)

So the 2020 election will pit socialism against capitalism. I like capitalism's odds.

Josh Kantrow is a Republican and pro-Israel activist and a cyber-security lawyer in Chicago.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr.

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