Adam Schiff, 'artist of evil'

After watching Adam Schiff's reprehensible performance in his committee hearing Thursday morning, it is clear we are benighted by yet another sinister, scheming member of the House who, like Shakespeare's Iago[i], is adept at (and enjoys) ruining lives.  He set out to ruin President Trump's and has been working at it diligently for three years.  Since the moment President Trump was elected, it has been Schiff, more than any other member of Congress, who has been the public face of the attempted coup designed to get Trump out of the White House.  He has lied and leaked relentlessly for nearly three years, promising that Mueller had the goods.  He did not.

Each successive ploy the Left rolled out has failed, so Schiff and company invented a new accusation, one that has obviously been carefully crafted by a group of Iagos like those who devised the Russia collusion hoax and managed Blasey Ford's phony allegations.  This one has clearly been in the works for months.  The leaker is not a legitimate whistleblower, because the president is not a member of any intelligence agency.  It's certain he was carefully chosen by this cabal of Trump-haters, just as Blasey Ford was selected to be the front woman of the Kavanaugh confirmation ruse.  It's been reported that he is CIA and was planted in the White House, probably by Brennan, to find something to use against the president.  He did not, could not, so this phone call to the Ukrainian president, which contained nothing illegal, no quid pro quo, by default became the nucleus of this latest con.  And what a con it is.  The snitch's "complaint" is an obvious group effort, written by lawyers, not the snitch.  Who is behind it?  My guess is that George Soros has funded it.

Schiff's opening statement in the hearing was beyond the pale.  He crafted, fabricated, what sounded like a lame script from a bad mafia film and presented it as the "essence" of what President Trump had said to President Zelensky, as if the Senate hearing room were the place for vulgar late-night comedy.  Not a word of it was true; finally one Republican, Mike Turner of Ohio, objected because his outraged constituents were texting him!  This was an obscene act of calculated media manipulation; Schiff likely knew his bit would be replayed on all the left-wing news sites all day long, and it was.  This was a wicked, cruel thing to do; this is a man without an iota of decency in his heart or soul. 

This entire fiasco, like the Russia collusion hoax, the Blasey Ford nonsense, and every other ploy the Democrats have employed to destroy Trump's presidency, is a perversion of all that this country has stood for since its founding.  The people who have spent these past three years trying to unseat the president are all subversives.  They have all blatantly abrogated the Constitution.  No matter which agency with which they are affiliated — FBI, DOJ, CIA, DNI, or NSC — whoever they are, they have all betrayed the American people.  

Schiff has been one of the stars of this depraved show, but he has many partners in crime behind the scenes.  If our Republicans, most of them, were not such cowards, perhaps they would be censured, but they seem to be leaving any and all defense of the president to a precious few in the House: Jordan, Nunes, Meadows, Johnson, Gaetz, and Collins.  God bless them all, and shame on all those Republicans who are sitting back, just watching this ongoing witch hunt without standing up for the president.

If Nancy Pelosi and her bosses in the dimwit squad think all this is going to benefit them in 2020, they are likely very mistaken.  Millions of Americans are seething with anger at what these Democrats are doing.  They are angry as well at the Republicans for being the wusses they generally are.

As Iago plotted against Othello, Schiff has spent his time in Congress plotting against President Trump.  His constituents deserve to be furious; he has become an embarrassment.  His capacity for cruelty and duplicity appears to be limitless.  Schiff is not nearly as clever as Iago, but he certainly is as vicious.  He has embraced his role of villain with relish.  Let us see how far they take this impeachment nonsense.  They should, as Mark Wauck reminds, be careful what they wish for.  In the meantime, Joe Biden should think about dropping out of the race and hiring a lawyer.

Image credit: Donkey Hotey (cropped).

[i] Iago, the most evil character in all of Shakespeare's works, was called "the artist of evil" by Shakespeare scholar  Harold Bloom.

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