Elizabeth Warren is coming for your retirement account

If there's one thing Democrats have always wanted to get their hands on, it's workers' private retirement accounts — the 401(k)s, the Roth IRAs, the Social Security checks.  The idea is that that big pot of stored savings can be spent now for leftist social programs instead of raising taxes, and let what happens happen to people who've saved for retirement. We saw it in 2010, in the Democrats' effort to "Argentinize" U.S. 401(k)s and replace them with "guaranteed retirement accounts," using the private savings to bail out failing public pensions.  It fell flat, but that didn't stop Democrats.  The job-free economy created by the Obama administration then drove many workers to deplete their private retirement savings just to stay afloat, which served Democrat interests, too.  I wrote about the Democrats' cat-food future for seniors here.  Now we have...(Read Full Post)
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