Bernie's new socialist 'solution': 'Billionaires should not exist'

Trying to out-socialist Democratic frontrunner Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders has a fresh new idea: Ending billionaires. Here's his genius tweet:   Billionaires should not exist. — Bernie Sanders (@BernieSanders) September 24, 2019   Which would probably sound real familiar to all the hoarders, wreckers, saboteurs, Trotskyites, Kulaks, Yankee imperialists, counterrevolutionaries and Jews out there. What he's proposing is the expropriation of wealth, the destruction of savings, the very seed corn of accumulated and new wealth. The idea of course it to confiscate it for the use of the government, in the wonderful-sounding name of 'the people.' Ironically, it's the 'people' he' harvesting it from, claiming billionaires to be somehow different, but he'll fix this, each according to his ability, each according to his needs, right Berns? We all know how this idea worked out in every...(Read Full Post)
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