The real Ukraine scandal

Once again, the mainstream media have drummed up another empty scandal against President Trump.  As CNN, MSNBC, and others hound the president over a conversation with Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky, they will continue to ignore the true crime surrounding former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden.

I first drew attention to the Biden Ukraine scandal on my national talk show on May 12 of 2014.  During that broadcast, I said the following,

Joe Biden's son Hunter Biden has taken a position on the board of a Ukrainian energy producer. In any other time this would not have been done because people would fear that there would be an indictment or a government would fall, the FBI would investigate, there would be a press outrage, the opposition party would stop all business on the floor of Congress and demand an immediate investigation as to how the vice president's son could take a job with a foreign power with whom were an ally with against Russia. Without seeing this for what it is, you are blind. It doesn't matter whether Biden is a Democrat or a Republican. This is crony capitalism. This is the oligarchy. This is nepotism.

Earlier this year, I returned to this topic in an interview on The Savage Nation with John Solomon of The Hill.  In our conversation, I questioned how Ukraine became so critical to this corruption.

Solomon explained:

It's (Ukraine) the hub. And so at that very moment where there's a transition of power and there's also that very tense moment of the invasion of Crimea by Russian forces, so a sovereign territory of Ukraine being invaded by Russia at the beginning of 2014. President Obama defers his authority and says, 'I'm making Joe Biden my point man in Ukraine. He's going to take care of this crisis. He's going to build out the government, we're going to get this situation dealt with.' And so Biden starts jumping across the pond and visiting Ukraine on a regular basis, meeting with the president.

Well, a funny thing happened. Not just a few weeks after Biden takes over the portfolium, a natural gas company called Burisma Holdings in Ukraine, hires Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden to join its board. And that in and of itself is a little suspicious, right? There's no evidence that Hunter Biden had any experience in Ukraine law or Ukraine natural gas, but he's suddenly added to the board. So his son cashes in and gets a great job in Ukraine and it goes on for a couple of years.

Solomon explained that later Ukrainian authorities began investigating transfers being made to Hunter Biden:

They have a wide ranging and criminal investigation and they determined in late fall 2015 according to the very records I've seen in Ukrainian court, that they want to interview Hunter Biden. "Why are you taking this money as a board member? What is it for and is there any chance the money is really to influence your father who is a vice president in charge of Ukraine policy?

It is at that moment that Joe Biden steps into the picture in a different role. He has a conversation with president Poroshenko, now the Western friendly president, and tells him, 'I want you to fire the general prosecutor in your country. I want him gone.'

Poroshenko questions, 'Why? What has he done wrong?'

Biden tells him, 'Don't worry, he's done something wrong. Just get rid of them.'

Well, the president doesn't oblige and continues to leave that prosecutor general, named Viktor Shokin, in charge for several months. Multiple requests come in from both the vice president and the US embassy demanding that they fire this prosecutor. President Poroshenko doesn't have a reason to fire him."

Viktor Shokin (YouTube screen grab via Wikipedia).

Here is where the true scandal is revealed: Solomon explained that Biden continued to pressure the Ukrainian leader.  In March of 2016, four months after Joe Biden made the first request for the prosecutor to be fired, Vice President Joe Biden makes a call and says, "If you do not fire that prosecutor, I am going to withhold the next $1 billion in U.S. loan guarantees to the Ukraine."

This is a devastating threat because Ukraine is so cash short.  At that point, President Poroshenko finally obliges and fires the prosecutor.

Of course, this has largely gone unreported by the media.

Even with the recent drama attempting to use this to bring down the Trump administration, newsrooms have given Democrats a pass.  If we still had reporters and editors in the leftist media, they would expose the truth for the American people.

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