Bernie's new socialist 'solution': 'Billionaires should not exist'

Trying to out-socialist Democratic frontrunner Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders has a fresh new idea: Ending billionaires.

Here's his genius tweet:



Which would probably sound real familiar to all the hoarders, wreckers, saboteurs, Trotskyites, Kulaks, Yankee imperialists, counterrevolutionaries and Jews out there.

What he's proposing is the expropriation of wealth, the destruction of savings, the very seed corn of accumulated and new wealth. The idea of course it to confiscate it for the use of the government, in the wonderful-sounding name of 'the people.' Ironically, it's the 'people' he' harvesting it from, claiming billionaires to be somehow different, but he'll fix this, each according to his ability, each according to his needs, right Berns?

We all know how this idea worked out in every communist country that has ever tried it. Venezuela, anyone? This is how you get Venezuela. 

It's pure baloney -- on two ends: One, the very rich have some amazing ways of hiding their wealth from expropriators and the billionaire class leads the pack on that front - they aren't going to sit there and let Bernie strip them. They and their capital, will flee to other countries, quite possibly taking their citizenship itself with them and tossing it. It's called capital flight.

Two, every socialist hellhole on earth has plenty of billionaires - on the state level. Hugo Chavez's hideous daughter Maria Gabriela now stands as Venezuela's richest person, a billionaire with untold wealth derived not from creating value but from access to the government till. The Castro family has oodles of money that has been squirreled away in properties in Spain and Italy, Chinese investments, Argentina property and other stuff, amounting to the country's only billionaire. My info is dated but I used to do Castro's fortune for the Forbes billionaire's list many years ago and this is what we found at the time. Yes, billionaire. On stolen money that used to produce wealth and value.

What's destroyed from such a Bernie scheme to end billionaires as we know them is the private money that finances new ventures and innovations, the very investment capital that is behind the rising standard of living of the U.S. Like new stuff? Get used to worn out old stuff, including duct-tape holding together your quaint 'classic' car because everything new is going to be gone. 

Savings are also destroyed from this atrocious idea - if money is just going to get confiscated by the government for the crime of saving it and accumulating a lot of it, why would anyone save? Watch cash roll into gold and find its way under buried coffee cans with that one. And as government squanders the unearned largesse of what it does take, watch inflation destroy that as it always does, too.

Had enough? Wait, there's more: Property rights, the very foundation of rule of law in every country that has it, is the third victim of Sanders' bright idea. Expropriate the money, watch rule of law become a thing of the past, because the only power left will be government power. Just as Cubans about that one.

It's pretty sad that such disgusting ideas could come to the fore with this leading presidential candidate. His plot to outlaw billionaires is nothing but government thievery under tyranny of the majority terms. It will do exactly what it's always done in every place that has ever tried it, which is to say leave a nation poorer, hungrier, sicker and deader than it had been earlier. Bernie's no Scandinavian 'socialist' with these kinds of sick ideas.

He's the real thing, the kind of socialist that from the USSR to China, to North Korea, to Zimbabwe, to Cuba and to Venezuela is the biggest nightmare humanity has ever known. He's got his finger on their destruction button and he's telling us it's going to be grand.

Image credit: Babalu blog


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